World-renowned Watchmakers and Jewelers, Chopard, have collaborated with luxury goods retailers, Bijoux Duty Free of Jamaica and Curacao based Freeport Jewelers, to produce a limited edition, and numbered series of Diamond OM pendants. The principals of Bijoux and Freeport Jewelers have formed a Joint Venture Company called Mandala N.V. to promote and market these unique pieces exclusively on a worldwide basis.

OM is a universal symbol of peace, life, knowledge, power and strength and lies at the center of Hindu and Buddhist Religions representing a sound which encompasses the past, present and the future. OM is the primordial sound, the first breath of creation, the vibration of existence. Most religions indicate that creation began with sound. “In the beginning was the word …..”

Available in two versions, one version of the pendants features a diamond studded OM symbol, in Chopard's characteristic style, suspended between 2 pieces of sapphire crystal, while the other boasts a similar design with the addition of a diamond bezel surrounding the OM symbol. Each version will be available in both 18 karat white and yellow Gold.

Each piece contains the Chopard logo below the OM on the sapphire crystal and also engraved on the pendant's side. In addition, the limited edition number is also noted on each piece, in the form of 001/999. Only 999 of each version of the OM Diamond Pendants will be produced. Mandala NV is allowing their customers to reserve the number of their choice, subject to availability.

With the initial production underway, Mandala NV expects to make the first pieces available to their consumers in time for the most auspicious Indian holiday, Diwali, the festival of lights, and also for Christmas.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to various charities in India with the primary focus being on funding the provision of water to villages in rural India , which would include the digging of wells. In addition, support will be given to cottage industries and to aiding with relief efforts following natural disasters such as flooding which is commonplace in India after the annual monsoon rains.

For further information, additional photos, further explanation of the meaning of the OM symbol, the significance of the number 9 and ordering information please visit or contact us via e-mail at .

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