While searching for the answer on what number the Chopard OM should be limited to, one of the principals, quite coincidentally, met a very learned and religious man who asked him to attend a lecture.

Without knowledge of the project and as part of his general lecture, the learned man stated “Nine is God's number”. He proceeded to explain that 9 is an auspicious number because it is the only number that when multiplied by another, the answer adds back to the number 9. He went through the series 9 times 1, 9 times 2, 9 times 3 and so on which prove to be true in every instance. Try it !

Thus, it was decided that each version be limited to 999 pieces and that for each piece sold $99 will be given to this learned man who does great charity works in India to aid the poor and forgotten.

Please find below some relevant words taken from an inspirational book on Hindu teaching:

“ Man breathes at the rate of 900 per hour, 21,600 times per day, 10,800 during day time. With every breath, man is supposed to repeat Soham. “I am He”, and so, the figure 216 and its half, 108 has a deep significance. It is also 9 times 12, 9 being the number indicative of Braman, since it is always 9, however many times you may multiply it (9x12=108, 1+8=9: 9x9=81, 8+1=9) and 12 is the number of the suns; also, the sun moves through 12 rasis or points, each rasi representing one month. Just as 9 is the symbol of Braman 8 is the number of maya.”


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